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Full-year and semester options available! Live in vibrant Madrid or in the intimate setting of Alcalá de Henares.

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Spanish Peer Mentors

Your Spanish mentor will be a university student, your age, who will be there for you throughout your time in Spain. Your mentor will organize activities, travel with you, and support you as you navigate your new surroundings.  Our peer mentor program is rated by our students as one of the best things about Tufts-Skidmore in Spain and 100% effective in helping them to make Spanish friends and to understand and integrate into Spanish life.
intercultural mentoring

Intercultural Mentoring

We will offer you ongoing intercultural mentoring and training throughout your semester/year, designed to enhance your ability to act competently and ethically in response to cultural difference. Our program operates on the belief that in addition to acquiring culture-specific knowledge about Spain and its peoples, you should also develop general intercultural/global citizen skills and attitudes that can eventually be transferred into the professional sphere.
doug cohen

Diverse Academic Choices

Take classes at local universities alongside Spanish peers, enroll in innovative program classes offered at the beautiful Tufts-Skidmore campuses in Madrid and Alcalá de Henares, study at prominent art and dance academies: You choose! No matter how you decide to structure your academic experience, we will encourage you to use the knowledge gained in the classroom to become more informed global citizens and to expand your intercultural horizons.

What Our Students say

“Madrid was an incredible experience. Not only did this program make me fall in love with Madrid by allowing me to become completely immersed in Spanish speaking culture but it also helped me meet so many amazing people and feel well supported throughout my explorations in Spain.”

sara brandt

“I marveled at how close is Spain to Africa. I learned a lot about Al-Andalus and the relationships between the Spanish, French, and Africans, and between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.”


“My semester with Tufts-Skidmore in Spain was the most rewarding experience I have chosen to be a part of. Even after reading all the material about the program, I could never have expected the true family I was stepping into and the memories I was soon to make. The program provides professors, staff and host families that care deeply about their work, something that is evident from the moment you step in the door at Monte Esquinza and something I have felt every day in class. If you are looking for a second family in Spain, this program is for you.”

Lucy Cooper-Hauser

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