UAH Classes

University of Alcala
The University of Alcalá de Henares (full-year, fall and spring semester) offers courses including Spanish Language and Literature, Theater, Art History, World History, Economics, International Relations, Latin American Literature, Anthropology, Philosophy, Business, Sociology, Geography, Law, Psychology and Foreign Languages. Additionally, UAM offers sports, internet and email access, libraries, museums, choir, orchestra, bookstores, cafeterias, and extracurricular activities. Students have access to all university services, including libraries, classrooms, information centers, and computers with Internet access and WIFI.

Courses at University of Alcalá de Henares

Please note:

  • Courses with an asterisk (*) are typically available in the fall
  • Except for Arabic language classes, Arab Studies courses are not available at the University of Alcalá. Students interested in studying this topics while in Spain should consider attending the Madrid program and the Autonomous University of Madrid.
  • Courses listed here are a representative list; not all courses are offered every semester.
  • Contact Miguel Ángel Lera, assistant director in Alcalá, with specific questions about courses:

Advanced Arabic*
Advanced Portuguese II*
Ancient Peoples of Spain*
Audiovisual Narrative Techniques
Classical Mythology in Spanish Literature
Comparative Constitutional Law
Constitutional Process and Constitutional Jurisdiction*
Constitutional Law II*
Contemporary Economic History
Contemporary History of the Catholic Church
Contemporary Spain*
Current Spanish History through Theater*
Economic and Social History in the Middle Ages
Financial Management
Foundation of Political Science*
French Language and Literature*
Fundamentals of Social Psychology
Geography of Latin America
Geography of Spain*
Greco-Latin Mythology
Hispanic Tradition and presence in the U.S.*
History of Baroque Art*
History of the Book*
History of Contemporary Art*
History of Contemporary Political Ideas and Systems*
History of Contemporary Thought*
History of Economic Thought*
History of Film
History of Islamic and Mudejar Art
History of the Peninsular Societies in the Middle Ages*
History of Political Thought
History of Science and Culture in the Contemporary Age
History of Spanish Renaissance Art
History of Spanish Thought
History of Today’s World: Post-WWII to the Present
History of the U.S.
Indian Studies
International and European Human Rights Law
International Relations
International Macroeconomics
Introduction to Cervantes
Introduction to Classical Culture*
Introduction to Human Geography
Introduction to the Study of the Hispanic Narrative*
Judicial Political History of the E.U.*
Legal Medicine
Minority Literature in the U.S.*
Modern Universal History
Political Science Seminar
Religious Freedom in the E.U.
Social History of Labor in Contemporary Spain*
Spanish Ethnology and Ethnography
Spanish Literature I & II*
Spanish Literature of the 18th & 19th Century
Tendencies of Contemporary Spanish Literature*
The World Today
20th-Century Spanish History through Theater

University of Alcalá: Psychopedagogy
Assessment of Learning Performance
Basic Psychological Processes*
Contemporary Educational Policy*
Development of Social Skills Curricula
Diagnosis in Education*
General Didactics
Learning Theories and Strategies
Organization of School Facilities
Psychosociology of Aging*
Research Methods in Education
School Failure and Attention to Diversity*
Social Pedagogy*
Special Education*
Work Pedagogy

University of Alcalá: Studio Arts
Advanced Painting
Intermediate Painting