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Advanced Spanish Language Studies

Course offers an advanced cognitive analysis and practice of Spanish, with special attention to linguistic difficulties faced by American students. Course focuses on helping student to develop and improve communicative and intercultural competencies, taking advantage of linguistic immersion while abroad. Course privileges student experience and integration in Spanish through projects, activities, excursions. (ASA) Alcalá. Syllabus. […]


Transatlantic Literatures, Spain and the Americas: Dialogues on Self and Other (TRANS)

Bethania Guerra de Lemos, Ph.D. Course focuses on key and 20th and 21st century Spanish, Latin American and American texts, and uses a dialectical interpretation of them as “transatlantic,” in other words, these literatures are understood to be in a process of constant cultural exchange. Course readings reflect a sustained focus on othering and otherness […]

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Is Spain Different? Political and Social Changes since the Transition to Democracy (ISD)

Dr. Josep Lobera Course examines the most relevant aspects of contemporary Spanish society: politics, culture, economy, and social life. Course objective is to provide students with facts, observations and interviews that allow them to have a robust map of Spanish society, going beyond everyday topics. The course offers a vision of Spain by comparing it to surrounding countries, […]

Pepa Santamaria

Sketchbook: Walking in the City (SB)

Pepa Santamaría On-site studio art course, based on drawing, designed for both art majors and non-art majors. Course positions students as informed “travelers” in Madrid/Alcalá (the course is offered in each site), simultaneously exploring the city while offering personalized instruction in drawing and contact with the visual arts. Students explore and sketch diverse sites — […]