A Letter to Parents

Dr. Susan Sanchez Casal, Program Director

Dr. Susan Sanchez Casal

Dear Parents,
My staff and I are delighted to welcome your son or daughter to our program. Rest assured that your child will be well taken-care of on the Tufts-Skidmore Spain Program in Madrid and in Alcalá. Our program is highly organized, highly communicative, hands-on and dedicated to the task of supporting your son or daugther every step of the way in this exciting cross-cultural adventure. You can help us provide the best care possible for your student by talking to your son or daughter about responsible and safe behavior while abroad, especially in terms of the use of alcohol. While we have guidelines, rules, regulations and policies that help us to keep our students safe, ultimately, students themselves are responsible for their safety and well-being while in Spain, just as they are on their home campuses. Please have a candid discussion with your student about respecting program guidelines in relation to alcohol and safety.

We provide the following documents to offer information that will give you a glimpse of what your student will experience in Spain and will hopefully make you feel more secure about your child’s upcoming semester or year abroad. These documents provide information about academics, cultural adaptation, practical matters (money, cell phones, what to bring), security, health, host families, and so on. Additionally, the “Information for Parents” link is an informative letter to parents from the me, which provides an overview of the topics most parents want to hear about. The letter also provides all national holiday dates so that you can easily schedule a trip to visit your student in Madrid or Alcalá. The “Pre-departure Handbook” includes a Program Calendar (including excursion and national holiday dates), arrival instructions, what to bring, information on the host family experience, rules and regulations, safety guidelines, academics, cross-cultural issues, and a brief orientation to Spain. If you don’t find the information you are looking for, please let us know how we can improve these informational handbooks.

We wish your son or daughter all the best in the upcoming term abroad and we will do everything possible to help facilitate a transformative, dynamic, intellectually rigorous and safe experience for each and every one of our students.

Dr. Susan Sánchez Casal, Program Director