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The National Parade

Desfile de la Fiesta Nacional I didn’t know I was in Spain when the Spanish national anthem played, because as it is, I wouldn’t recognize the Spanish national anthem. I didn’t know I was in Spain when Pedro Sánchez, the Spanish president, cruised past me in an armored motorcade, because as it is, I wouldn’t […]


Clases en Alcalá

Taking class in the Universidad de Alcala was really an experience. It had its ups and downs, and it took some (a lot) of getting used to, but ultimately I think I´d do it again.Ok so here’s a list of what I learned, the good, the bad, the ugly.  The back story is that this […]


Mis clases del programa

This semester I took three program classes: Spanish for Heritage Speakers, En Boca de Mujer, and Sketchbook in the City. I feel extremely lucky to have had the chance to have three amazing profesoras que no solo me han ayudado a desarrollar mi español pero sino también me han enseñado tanto sobre el arte, la […]

arroz con leche

Hidden Food

Google Maps, the great equalizer for directions in unknown cities. However, I am learning that not all of the best restaurants are easily found on Google Maps. This is because mainly tourists use Google Maps, skewing the ratings or omitting places that are off the beaten path. These hidden gems are some of the cheapest, […]



I didn’t feel real when I arrived in the Lisbon airport because I hadn’t left Spain since the program began in January. The fact that the flight was only an hour (compared to a five-hour bus ride to Granada that I had taken two weeks before) also made me falsely believe that I hadn’t really […]


Latinx Experiences in Madrid

As a person who identifies as Latina, being in Madrid has come with a unique set of experiences. It’s been bitter/sweet. While speaking my native language most of the time has allowed me to learn and grow, speaking it all the time is exhausting when you have people looking over your shoulder. So here are […]



SEVILLA TIENE UN COLOOOOOOR from Tufts-Skidmore Spain on Vimeo. This past weekend, the entire program spent three days and two nights in Sevilla, in the south of Spain. We arrived to tranquil skies and checked into our hotel. When we looked out the window it was pouring. I ventured into the center of the city, […]


Let’s Do Lunch!

I’m someone who absolutely loves exploring a city through food, and from day one this semester I’ve been on the hunt for my new favorite spot. Lunch is the perfect meal to enjoy with a friend, with many friends, or on a self-date, so I’ve included here some of the best places I’ve found to […]


Una Reflexión sobre el Museo de América

“Mire, tiene que explicarle a esta gente Que cuando Cristóbal Colón llego a América Ya había gente papi” -Yandel, Calentura El Museo de América fue lo que esperaba. Todo lo que había ahí fue robado de la gente que ya estaba en las “Américas” cuando llegó Cristóbal Colón. Lo peor es que aunque tienen todas […]


University Class

If you read the notes from my class at the university in Madrid, you would be confused. I am as well. “Very old, the north” they say, and then lower down, “Two twins. Death is life, they fight (sun is/and moon) to create world from the void. Water is a metaphor.” A bit lower, “A […]