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Mi Práctica con Alianza por la Solidaridad

This semester, I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to intern with Alianza por la Solidaridad, a Spanish NGO (non-government organization) that focuses on human rights work in the community, mainly in the fields of environmental issues, refugees, and women’s rights. As someone who wants to go into environmental law one day and ultimately work […]

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A Relaxing Weekend Abroad

Hello, hello sweet friends and family! I hope this post finds you happy and well. This weekend was the first in 7 weekends that I’ve spent in Madrid….It turns out that’s exactly what I needed. It was so good to come home to my bed each night in a city in which I feel at […]

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Fluency: a Superpower

When I think about the relationships I’ve created and the experiences I’ve had, I realize how vastly different my life would be without the role of the Spanish language and Mexican culture. If you know me well, you’ve heard me talk about Cory, a Mexican woman who helped take care of me as I grew […]


A Zombie Dance Party?

Chatting with my host family earlier this week, I was a little sad to learn that although Halloween has grown in popularity a bit in the last ten years, it’s not really a big thing in Spain. I had assumed that Halloween was very much an American holiday, but the fall-loving New Englander in me […]

Play de la Concha. The most beautiful sight I’ve ever laid eyes on

¿Quieres más pan?

My host grandmother Eva’s favorite phrase to ask me is “¿quieres más pan?” (do you want more bread)? I’ve learned that it’s not an option to consume less than 2 slices of bread. Honestly though, I’m okay with it. As I’ve mentioned before, Eva is from San Sebastián, a city in the Basque Country of […]


Stay in School, Kids

The first day I had my Spanish Grammar class at the Tufts-Skidmore Spain program center, I noticed this weird thing happening: I was having so much fun, IN CLASS. I consciously remember noting, “wow, I don’t wish I was somewhere else right now.” Is that what being a model student feels like? 😉 This isn’t […]


Mis clases

While the majority of Tufts-Skidmore Spain students are in the depths of midterm exams, papers, and projects this week, I thought I would take a quick moment to drag myself out of the stressed daze of due dates to remind myself of how much I like my classes here and how genuinely interesting they are. […]

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Scene: Monday, 12:15 pm Tufts-Skid Spain students sit in the Monte Esquinza computer room discussing plans for the puente (long weekend). Someone is playing “Redbone” quietly on a computer in the background. Ryan, Bryan and Kelsey sit hunched over a laptop, realizing all at once that it was silly not to take advantage of a […]