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Liza & Cristina

Mi familia anfitriona

José Luis y Liza ¡Hola! Acabo de llegar a casa después de mi viaje a Londres. ¡Lo he pasado fenomenal, pero fue muy raro hablar en ingles durante todo el finde! Siempre es un momento muy feliz cuando regreso a casa después de un viaje, porque esa noche toda mi familia anfitriona esta en casa […]


Leaving the Wall

Palacio de Hielo, Madrid Last week, I gave a presentation in Spanish. Or rather, my fellow blogger Madi and I gave a presentation in Spanish. We’re American, but the words weren’t. Still, I understood everything she said, and I’m fairly positive that our audience understood some of what I tried to say.This week, Madi and […]


Chueca, mi hogar en Madrid

Boca de metro de Chueca Siempre que alguien me pregunta de dónde soy me cuesta responder, porque he sido una persona que ha vivido en muchos lugares, y todos estos lugares se han convertido en parte de mi ser de una manera u otra. Tengo “hogares” en Tegucigalpa, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Washington DC, […]


Spanish Spanish: A Beginner’s Guide

When I first landed at Madrid Barajas Airport, I walked to baggage claim, took out my headphones and was immediately struck by the Spanish accent. I knew before that people from Northern Spain lisp when pronouncing c’s and z’s (but not s’s!) to differentiate words like cazar from casar, but I didn’t expect the throatiness […]


Machismo for Dummies (Myself Included)

Viñeta de Forges Thanks to how impressively woke our program is, the word “machismo” is thrown around countless times a day, whether in class, while chatting with friends, or walking down the street. I knew what it meant the first time I heard it, though my time in Spain has added an abundance of context […]


Peripheral Figures

Ross in the middle 🙂 I never know how to respond when a friend asks me what it’s like to study abroad. Is it cool? Is it different? Is it life-changing? I mean, often, yes, and maybe, but the question doesn’t include either my particular location or me. I can’t possibly speak to everywhere, to […]


Y tú, ¿por qué eres negro?

Una de las actividades que el programa organiza para apoyarnos durante el semestre son grupos pequeños interculturales llamados IFG (Intercultural Focus Groups). Hay uno para todos los estudiantes, uno para los estudiantes racializados y uno para los estudiantes que son de la comunidad LGTBQ. Como latinoamericana, yo me identifico con SOC IFG (Student of Color […]



Program trip to Granada A bazillion years ago, it seems, I was a sophomore at Tufts. I sat in lecture halls, ate in dining halls, slept in a residence hall, and spoke a lot of English. The sitting, eating, sleeping, and speaking all felt very natural, very normal, very nonresistant.And then, one day, the director […]


Uno de cada tres

For weeks, my host mom, Cristina, has been working tirelessly on organizing an art show. This Tuesday, all of her hard work came together beautifully in the opening of the show at the Sala de Exposiciones at the UAM. Titled Uno de cada tres, the show is a selection of paintings, photos, sculptures, and videos […]