Feliz Día de San Valentín!

Valentine’s day is upon us again, and for the first time since I was a nine year-old kiddo in Peru, I forgot about it. ¡¿Cómo?! Unlike in the US, in Madrid it’s possible to walk through a commercial area in February and NOT be bombarded by red and pink hearts through store windows. If you walk into a grocery store, Starbucks, or candy shop around February 14th, odds are, you won’t be reminded of the approaching día de los novios. And if you are, it would have probably happened last week, not early January when the Christmas decorations and merchandize are finally gone.

Though Madrid may not be decked out in pinks and reds, love is most definitely in the air—it’s a yearlong phenomenon that the Spring 2012 Pandilla has definitely come in contact with! From the Metro to paseos around the park and national landmarks, PDA is the norm in España: any place, any time, at any age! Here at the program center, we’ve chosen a more American approach to celebrating the international day of love. Some of us are partaking in an old-fashioned American candy swap (you know, 1st grade style!) and a date at “the classiest of all restaurants in Spain,” VIPS. It’s bound to be a fantastic time with some great company! I just hope my Valentine likes her gift 🙂

Wherever you are, whatever your plans are, happy Valentine’s Day… from Spain!

Veronica Richter, Tufts in Madrid 2012

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