The Man, the Legend

Every Wednesday, twenty-five of us Tufts-Skidmore in Spain kids sacrifice our comida and siesta time to learn contemporary Spanish art history from a legend. His name is Arturo Colorado and for three hours a week, the man dazzles us with art, the crazy lives of those who painted it, and the historical context behind it. But it’s not just the subject, his expertise, or his ability to keep our attention for three hours—there’s just something about Arturo. Something my friends have identified much better than I.

Chris Harkins (Tufts in Madrid 2012), for example, said,

In this english conversation class where I and some other friends on the program converse in English with Spanish kids, we taught the Spanish students the word, “Swag.”  The Program Contemporary Spanish Art History Class Professor, Arturo Colorado is the essence of swag.  He’s this tall, dashing old scholar who has this dulcent, silky smooth voice that stirs the earth.  He also dresses really well.  Arturo was definitely some type of badass who I bet has great stories about his younger days.  I think he may have even out-Don Juaned Don Juan himself.

We’ve had Arturo to ourselves for the past two months now, serving as our tour-guide at every program trip and showing us around the Prado and Reina Sofia. But then, tragedy struck. A couple of weeks ago, Arturo suddenly announced he’d be leaving us for a month to go to Brazil for “obligatory business.” Of what kind he would not say.

Needless to say, we’re all a bit bummed, but thankfully we have Profesor Basilio Casanova filling in for his absence. He’s knowledgeable, energetic, and has a super cool name—a most appropriate replacement! Yet as we sit in class, we can’t help but miss the golden voice and effortless swagger of the man, the legend, Arturo. So if you’re reading this, Profesor Arturo, le dedicamos esta canción.



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