Spring Break 2012

One of the most anticipated parts of this semester for everyone has most definitely been Spring Break. For one week, we had the freedom to travel wherever we wanted, for as long as we wanted, and with whoever we wanted without having to worry about classes or anything program related. About three groups from our program decided to use their week to travel around Italy, and mine was one of them. I went to Rome, Florence, and Venice with two program friends and one of their high school friends. We ate pasta/pizza and gelato every day, explored everything from ruins to basilicas and museums, and even made some new Italian friends!

Here’s what two of my program buds did on their spring break:

Lynne Koester, Tufts in Madrid Spring 2012, also came to Italy

Kate Hudson lied to me! Italian men have been disappointing so far. But that’s probably because I never see them since Florence is the most touristy place I’ve ever been, including Disney World. I hear English probably 90% of the time on the street.

A 17 year old Guido-looking dude tapped me on the arm as he walked by. I immediately thought:

1) Emily?! (who is floating aground Florence too. We’ve run into her group a few times.)
2) It’s someone robbing me!
3) or someone telling me someone just robbed me?

I guess this dude just likes blonde tourists. Good thing they aren’t in short supply in this city. When I looked back in panic (while grabbing slashbag), he winked at me. Swoon! Moving to Florence (so far my least favorite city) to live happily ever after with my teenaged Romeo.


And Eric Archibald, Tufts in Alcalá Spring 2012, went to Prague and Budapest

On paper, my trip to Prague and Budapest seems pretty similar to what I do on a daily basis in Spain. Most days I would wake up, go outside, be awestruck at some random building/bridge/foreign language, walk about a half marathon, hold up the group while I stop to take an excessive amount of pictures, eat a lot of pastries and local dishes (re: always so much meat), drink wine or beer while talking to some friends instead of going to the hip clubs everyone else is going to, check my email, go to bed.

Prague and even more, Budapest, it turns out, are completely, inconceivably different to Spain. This trip made me realize more and more how incredible Europe is, in that it’s jam packed with so many amazing, distinct and culturally rich places. While I’ll try to note some specific highlights of each place, and the trip as a whole, the feeling of euphoria and adventure I felt in each place is not something I can hope to describe effectively. Suffice it to say that I loved these places, the people I was with and, of course, sugar-coated, nutella-filled pastry roll things we ate at the Prague Easter festival.

How was your spring break!?

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