Localised disruption likely during planned anti-government rallies on 29 November, 14 December

protestaTravel disruption and localised unrest are possible during planned rallies in the capital Madrid by anti-government activists affiliated to the 25 September (25S) group, an offshoot of the 15M coalition of anti-austerity civic groups. Details of the upcoming demonstrations in the capital are as follows:

Travel Advice

  • Increased security measures and potentially large numbers of demonstrators will cause localised travel disruption on the above dates. Leave extra time for important journeys through central Madrid on 29 November and 14 December. Liaise with local contacts to confirm the status of routes and plan alternate routes where possible to minimise inconvenience.
  • Related demonstrations have the potential to turn violent, particularly if participants attempt to breach security cordons or if anarchist activists infiltrate rallies. While any such unrest would be localised and swiftly contained, all demonstrations should be avoided as a security precaution; if unrest breaks out or a crowd begins to gather, leave the area immediately.
  • In addition, key protest sites in the capital include Puerta del Sol, Plaza de España, Paseo del Prado, Fuente de Neptuno and Plaza de Cibeles, as well as main ministry buildings.
  • Monitor our travel security alerts on Spain to keep abreast of related developments.

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