Madrid: Localised disruption likely during rally over education cuts at residence of prime minister on 14 November

RecLaMoncloaLocalised disruption can be expected during a rally on 14 November at Palacio de la Moncloa (the prime minister’s official residence) in the capital Madrid. Participants plan to submit the outcome of a survey on education cuts to the prime minister.

Travel Advice

  • Attendant security measures and potentially large participation are likely to cause travel disruption in the vicinity of Palacio de la Moncloa on 14 November. Plan routes circumventing the area to mitigate travel delays. If travel through the area is unavoidable, allow additional time to complete important journeys.
  • The support given by far-leftist groups to demonstrations against education cuts increases the potential for confrontations between protesters and the police. During related demonstrations in Madrid on 24 October, protesters threw bottles and other projectiles at the police, prompting the latter to use tear to disperse the crowd. Avoid the 14 November event as a routine security precaution and leave an area at the first sign of unrest.
  • There is potential for impromptu protests against perceived symbols of austerity such as financial institutions. Monitor our travel security alerts for Spain to keep abreast of developments.

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