Madrid, other urban centres: Plan routes avoiding rallies during nationwide strike by student unions on 20 November

33629_3_marea_verde_en_ed_no_se_gProtests can be expected during a nationwide strike called by student unions on 20 November to denounce proposed education reforms. In the capital Madrid, students plan to hold a demonstration at 12.00 (local time) at the education ministry building. Additional protests are likely in other urban centres during the walkout, which is due to coincide with the Senate debate on an education reform bill.

Travel Advice

  • Attendant security measures and potentially large participation in strike-related demonstrations will cause localised travel disruption. Liaise with local contacts and monitor our travel security alerts for Spain for information on the timing and location of rallies. Plan routes avoiding them to mitigate delays.
  • In Madrid, the Sevilla and Banco de España metro stations are likely to be more crowded than usual on 20 November, as rally participants arrive and depart. Allow additional time if scheduled to travel on the day via these stations.
  • Precedents indicate that student demonstrations have the potential to turn violent, particularly if participants attempt to breach security cordons or anarchist activists infiltrate rallies. While any such unrest would be localised and swiftly contained, all demonstrations should be avoided as a security precaution.

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