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JewishAgencyLogoTag_WebHello everyone,

My name is Caroline Budwig, and I am the Jewish Agency For Israel
“Shlicha” in Spain. As some of you may know, The Jewish Agency for Israel
is the largest worldwide Jewish non-profit organization. As such, it is
involved in subjects regarding Immigration of Jews to Israel (” Aliyah”),
programs to enforce the society in Israel, but above all works to
strengthen the relationships between Jewish communities and individuals
around the globe to the real Israel.

A great part of the Jewish Agency for Israel’s Work around the globe is
via “Shlichim” like myself, who help create a living and vibrant “bridge”
to Israel and Jewish identity. My specific role in Spain is to help create
a community of young Jewish Students and professionals, aged 18-35, that
will be active and connected to Israel and the Jewish culture.
I will be more than pleased to help the students create activities,
develop young leadership, and of course explain about the programs and
options that are present in Israel ( such as “Masa” programs).

I can be reached via e-mail:
or by phone: 636011324.

Best Regards,

Caroline Budwig
JAFI Shlicha, Spain

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