ICD meet-up 27/28 Oct: Resilience and Adaptation

This week participants considered their host family experience. Several students were pleased to find that they could joke with host parents or siblings as it gave them an awareness of their increased level of communication.
Some students had questions about whether a particular behavior at home was a personal habit or corresponded to a cultural norm.
Of the habits acquired during their homestays, one student who enjoys sobremesa expects to have longer conversations with her parents. Another thinks he will probably touch others more in conversation.
Next week’s ICD meet-up will be dedicated to Resilience and Adaptation.
Living interculturally  means a constant stream of new challenges. How do successful adapters manage and thrive?
We will explore the different viviencias of “optimalists” and”perfectionists” as described by Tal Ben-Shahar.

Claire Jasinski, Health & Wellness Counselor.




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