ICD MEET-UPS: Making Connections with Spaniards

At our first ICD meet-up s in Madrid and Alcalá we looked at ways of preventing and dealing with Language and Culture Fatigue. Attendees and facilitator shared successful practices for learning – one student said she has grown to have no qualms asking her interlocutors to repeat things more than once- and selfcare – another student suggests acting “pre-emptively”, indulging herself in whatever she needs, before burning out.
Next week we will be talking about Making Connections. Many of you had as a goal meeting and forming relatively deep relationships with Spaniards. You will have a chance to reflect on the progress you’ve made and share successful practices
As always, you are invited to bring up other issues related to your adaptation that concern you.
As for our tentempié, so far we had dulce snacks in Madrid and both dulce y salado in Alcalá. Any suggestions for next week?
I look forward to seeing you.
Un saludo,



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