ICD Meet-ups – October 6/7 – Language and Culture Fatigue

Dear students,
Just a note to announce the first of our ICD Meet-ups. We will meet at the same time in the same place.
Our topic next week will be Language and Culture Fatigue.
It’s likely that each of you-even native and near-native speakers-has moments of difficulty understanding, expressing your thoughts, wishes, or personality, or understanding how to do everyday tasks or engage in social situations here in Spain.
In past semesters students have found it useful to describe strategies that work in relieving the stress of communication in Spanish, as well as strategies that are fun as well as useful in learning more Spanish language and “small c” culture.
Although this is our specific topic for next week, you are all invited to bring up other issues related to your adaptation that concern you. Here you’ll find a complete calendar of meetings.
Snacks will be served.
I look forward to seeing you next week.
Un saludo,



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