This week in ICD: Re-entry

***This meeting is obligatory for all semester students***
Dec 1/2 Re-entry

The end of semester is near! (As if you didn’t know it…) I keep hearing comments on the how quickly this has passed.
Whatever kind of experience abroad you’ve had this semester, it’s probably been significant for you. On Monday and Tuesday we will have our last ICD classes. We encourage year students to attend as well, because although this is not the end of your experience in Spain, it is the end of this semester, with these classmates, these classes.
Just as we’ve paid attention to other parts of your adaptation, we’ll look at what usually happens to sojourners as they return to family, friends, studies and the concommittant challenges of living a host of identities from a new pespective. We’ll explore your feelings about returning, consider how you might share this experience with friends and family, how you imagine the evolution of your Spanish-speaking self in future and whether you would like to be a “bridge between cultures.”
I look forward to seeing you next week.

Claire Jasinski, Health & Wellness Counselor



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