Reentry (ICD)

How can I speak to the frog of the sea if he has never left his pond?
How can I speak to the bird of the summerland if he has never left the land of his birth?
How can I speak to the sage if he is a prisoner of his doctrine?
Chung Tsu

Next Tuesday the 21st at 1:40 and Thursday at 3:00 and 4:20, we will have our last ICD class, mandatory for all students.
We will be talking about reentry. I expect that many of you have mixed feelings about leaving Spain: happy to see friends and family and return to the comforts of home, and perhaps sad to leave what for all of you constitutes a significant experience,
Just as we talked about other stages of adaptation, we will talk about adapting to life back in the U.S and dealing will the stress that may accompany you upon your return, as well as how to share your experience and how to foster the growth of your “Spanish self” once you’ve left.

Claire Jasinski, Health and Wellness Counselor


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