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laurarojasLaura Rojas-Marcos Ph.D, MA, MA
Clinical and Health Psychologist, and Psychotherapist specialized in personal growth, stress management, emotional and social intelligence, culture shock, anxiety, depression, food disorder, couple and family issues, and addictions.
Dr. Laura was born in New York City where she went to school (New York University and Albert Einstein College of Medicine). However, she grew up between NYC and Seville, Spain where her family is originally from. Half American and half Spaniard she has lived abroad on different occasions in the past 25 years such as Paris, Rome, London, Buenos Aires, Miami and Singapore. She is a writer, researcher and teacher. However her real passion is helping people as a therapist.
Living abroad is a life adventure. It can be very exciting and full of amazing experiences, as well as a bit scary or lonely at times. Sometimes it can bring out the best in you and sometimes it can be so overwhelming that one may become isolated and homesick. All these feelings are normal and expected, and are often associated to change in life, adapting to new environments and putting yourself out of your comfort zone. However, sometimes the feelings of fear, isolation, homesickness and loneliness can be so overwhelming that they may interfere negatively on a daily basis in one´s emotional wellbeing and serenity. When this happens, it is a time to ask for help. Asking for help is a good thing, it´s being brave and giving yourself the opportunity to change your situation, as well as it´s taking the time to get to know yourself better with kindness while taking control of your life with a proactive healthy attitude.

Phone number: 686477346


claire 2012-1Claire Jasinski

Claire Jasinski grew up in the Lower Hudson River Valley and, like many of you, came to Spain to improve her Spanish, planning on spending a semester in Madrid. At the end of her semester she felt that she wasn’t quite finished with Spain, and decided to stay a bit longer. She found work that she liked, and eventually decided to make her “real life” here. A hard part of her life is the challenge of being separated from her family and friends in the U.S. The aspect of her life in Spain that she most appreciates is that people here have time for others.

Claire is a licensed psychologist and psychotherapist, specializing in cultural adaptation, eating disorders, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, and grief.

She holds a B.A in Psychology from Manhattanville College in Purchse, New York, an M. A. in Teaching from the School for International Training in Brattleboro, Vermont, and graduate certificates in Family Therapy and Psychodrama from the Instituto de Técnicas de Grupo y Psicodrama in Madrid.

She is a member of the Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos, and the Asociación Madrileña de Terapeutas de Pareja, Familia y Otros Sistemas Humanos. She holds the EuroPsy, European Certificate in Psychology, and is recognized as a Supervising Teacher of family therapists by the Federación Española de Asociaciones de Psicoterapia.

Claire has worked for many years with students abroad in Madrid, as both an intercultural consultant and psychotherapist.

As an intercultural consultant, she helps students understand differences between Spain and the U.S. in terms of non-verbal communication and social norms and expectations, and to understand the process of adaptation.

As a therapist, she receives students who wish to continue a process they began in the U.S., or to deal with a difficulty that arises during their sojourn. This may be an adaption that is more difficult than expected or a situation related to their loved ones at home.

Insurance companies accepted: HTH -Worldwide / CISI 



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