JOANNA DIMAS- So what has been the best experience of my time abroad? Some may say traveling. Others may say meeting new people or living in a new city. But not me! The best thing about Madrid has been Takos (I’m lowkey joking). Every thing about being abroad has been pretty great and I am continuously learning so much about my self and my peers. However, being in Madrid, a big part of the social atmosphere and the opportunities to explore this great city come with eating out. There are so many restaurants, bars, tapas places, cafés, and all of it gets overwhelming. At times it becomes difficult finding a spot to eat for lunch because there were so many options, and simply finding a place to eat within budget can get difficult. But the one place that has stayed loyal to its taste, authenticity, and price is Takos.

IMG-20151007-WA0008This place is between Sol and Gran Via. It is an absolutely great place to get really cheap and AMAZING food. Tacos are only one euro, tortas are under 5 euros, and drinks are extremely cheap. In the states, it is really easy to find a good Mexican restaurant (usually). And for me, Mexican cuisine is very important and essential. I grew up eating home-cooked Mexican food. Eating tortillas, salsa picante, and frijoles was the norm for me. Cooking carne asada on the weekends, listening to songs in Spanish, and playing soccer was like routine. And coming to Spain, I noticed immediately that there were a ton of Mexican restaurants, however none of them really lived up to my standards. Some of the “tacos” were made with flour tortilla instead of corn tortilla (Now that is just a rookie mistake). Also, people definitely have a different understanding of what spicy is. For me, the spicy tolerance in Spain is mad low. At every restaurant, I am warned that my food may be too spicy and yet I have not shed one single tear from the heat ☺

Joanna Dimas, Tufts in Madrid

Joanna Dimas, Tufts in Madrid

If it wasn’t for Takos, I really don’t know how I would have survived this semester (I’m being dramatic, but also very honest). I have introduced this place to many people and so far everyone has loved it. I have never had a negative experience; all the workers are friendly. The food is cooked quickly so you won’t have to wait too long if you are super hungry. Also, if you are in a rush, you can take your food to go. The only downfall with this place is that the size of the restaurant is tiny, and they open at 1:00pm (And sadly closed on Mondays). But overall this place is perfect. The food has the perfect amount of flavor, seasoning, spice, and everything nice (#powerpuff girls). I am super happy to have learned about this place early on; for the most part, I go to Takos once a week (crazy, I know). So if you are dying to try some authentic Mexican food, or simply want to experience something spicy once more, you should go to Takos.

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