INMACULADA MÉNDEZ– Hi, how are you?
img_20161030_192127Today I am going to tell you about one day with my dear friend Josh.
We met each other for the first time last summer in Boston and now we are close friends!
It is great, as we spend a lot of time together and we learn such important things of our respective cultures as food, people, politics or language.
In addition, it is funny when we have a conversation, for we change constantly the language. We can start speaking in English and finishing in Spanish.
Last Sunday, I spent the morning with my family. I really wanted that Josh met my family! So, I introduced him to my relatives and we had ascreenshot_20161030-215726 really good time together. Then, Josh and I spent the evening together, we went to La Latina and we ate a really big “tortilla” with onion and goat cheese inside. I totally encourage you to go to “The Buo”, since it is a really lovely place and it is not very expensive.
Eventually, we ended they day walking by the streets and talking about our wonderful summer.
I have to say that I am learning a lot from Josh, not just about language and culture, but about being good friends and respecting each other.
I hope you enjoyed my post! ☺


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