My Top 3 Menús del Día

Having been bedridden for the past 3 days with a lovely stomach virus, I have decided to write about some of my favorite restaurants in Madrid. While I have been eating nothing but soggy rice and crackers for the past 72 hours, I assure you that my foodie judgement was on point when I went to these places.

#1 Ramen Kagura
Calle de las Fuentes, 1, 28013 Madrid
This restaurant is probably the best at making traditional Japanese ramen (I’m half Japanese and can attest to this) and they have a pretty great menú del día which includes a drink, an appetizer, entree and dessert for 9.8 euros. Their portions are very generous and they make the noodles in-house along with the amazing broth which takes 8 hours to prepare daily. They also serve a variety of other Japanese dishes and have several vegetarian options. The staff are super nice and while they are pretty busy at lunchtime, you can usually be seated within 10 minutes (get there at 13:00 if you don’t want to wait in a line). They are located a short 3 minute walk from the Opera metro and are open 7 days a week.

#2 Piccola Napoli
Calle de Palencia, 30, 28020 Madrid
While located a bit out of the way, Piccola Napoli is well worth a visit. It’s a hole-in-the-wall kind of place with amazing pizza, pasta and salads. Their menú del día is 10.50 euros for a drink, entree and dessert (add 1 euro for an appetizer). The quality and quantity of the food is well worth the price and you cannot go wrong with anything on their menu. The only downside is the location and the fact that you have to make a reservation because they are always packed (but they also do delivery and take away so not a big deal really). Other than that, Piccola Napoli is perfect if you are craving some delicious, but affordable Italian food. The metro stop closest to them is Alvarado on the 1 line (about a 5 minute walk).

#3 Dadam
Calle San Antonio, 6, 28020 Madrid
If you are looking for a place to eat awesome Korean food alone without being judged (you can also eat here with friends) then Dadam is the place for you. It’s another hole-in-the-wall restaurant located in northern Madrid with a 10.50 euro menú del día which includes a drink, appetizer, entree and dessert. My personal recommendations are the jemulchun (a Korean pancake with vegetables and squid), mandu (Korean dumplings), dolsot bibimbap (a mixed vegetable, meat and rice dish served sizzling in a stone bowl) & the kimbab (a rice roll filled with meat and vegetables aka Korean sushi). They are open 7 days a week and do take out and delivery. The metro stop closest to them is Alvarado on the 1 line (about a 3 minute walk).

Danielle Osborne, student blogger

I can tell you that while writing this post my stomach was growling like crazy and I wanted nothing more than to pick up the phone and place 5 orders of everything on the menu from all three of these restaurants. Since I am a responsible adult, I did not do this and will now return to eating my sad crackers and rice. Happy restaurant travels!

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