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Pisto ©Alex Tremblay-McGaw

I just got back from a long weekend in Córdoba, Sevilla, and Granada. I went with some friends on a City Life trip to Andalucía. We left early in the morning and drove to Córdoba. After a brief tour of the beautiful city we had free time. We ate a great meal in a restaurant located on a narrow and cobbled road. We then headed to Sevilla and checked into our hostel and walked around the city. The next morning we headed out on a tour of Sevilla and had the most amazing meal in a quiet restaurant we stumbled upon. I had Andalucian Pisto (a vegetable stew). After our meal we spoke to the owner of the restaurant and he said despite it appearing to be simple, pisto is the hardest dish to make because the perfect consistency is achieved by cooking all of the vegetables individually.

After watching the sunset by the river we headed back to the hostel and relaxed. Later, we got ready to go out to a discoteca, Utopia. With several floors, all housing different genera’s of music, we had a good time. Unfortunately one of my friends had her jacket stolen and our night didn’t end on the best of notes. However, most of us slept really well after a long day and night!

In the morning we got back on the bus and headed to Granada, an incredibly beautiful city! After a beautiful day of walking around and searching for a restaurant we walked back to the hostel and went to see a flamenco show. It was one of the most incredible experiences I have had in Spain. First of all, the bus ride through narrow and steep streets was like a rollercoaster! The hills reminded me of home, San Francisco. The show we went to was absolutely incredible. The dancers were talented, and the musicians and singers were amazing. We had a great time. It was even given the Michelle Obama stamp of approval when she visited and saw the show!

©Alex Tremblay-McGaw from Tufts-Skidmore Spain on Vimeo.

We walked around the neighborhood and saw a stunning view of the Alhambra, illuminated in the darkness after the show. We then bought snacks and headed back to the hostel for a good nights sleep. The next day we walked around the hostel and went to buy our friend a new jacket. After wandering around, we headed to the Alhambra and enjoyed the walk through beautiful streets and gardens. We saw three cute stray cats as we waited in line for the Alhambra. We were smart and lucky and had purchased our Alhambra tickets well in advance. The Alhambra was well worth the wait and the favorite place of many of my friends.
Overall our trip was amazing! I would highly recommend travelling to Córdoba, Sevilla, and Granada.

1. Travel in Spain! It is tempting to travel to Europe, but get to know the country you are studying in.
2. Go to a flamenco show.
3. Try the local food. If the food has the name of the city or town in it on the menu, say yes!
4. Buy your Alhambra tickets over a month in advance.

©Alex Tremblay-McGaw

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