AHHHH spring break is just around the corner, I’m so thrilled! This week has been insanely hectic, and the class work has also been intense. After having been in Galicia for a week, the amount to make up in addition to this week’s work – while still probably less than what I would’ve been faced with back at Skidmore – feels pretty overwhelming. Not to mention that I’ve had 3 midterms this week, one of which was for my class at Alcalá. By Tuesday I was feeling overwhelmed, tired and a little cranky. That’s the wonderful thing about time though, things don’t last forever and before I knew it was Thursday afternoon and all of the week’s stress was gone – well mostly – I still have a couple of things left to submit, but I felt so much freer knowing I was done with the bulk of it.

Yesenia Olivares, student blogger

The idea of impermanence really helps me when things are rough, and especially if you’re a person who suffers from anxiety or depression. It can be applied to literally anything. I’ve come to resonate very much with the highs and lows of life being like the ocean waves, if you try to fight the current instead of “going with the flow” you’ll end up swallowing water and generally not having a good time. This idea also helps when I think of all the amazing experiences I’m having, especially when traveling, I usually get sad thinking about how I may not have those opportunities again, or that they’ll undoubtedly be different in the future, but that also makes me realize how unique each experience is. It’s a reminder to enjoy things fully whenever you can, and to learn to let the negative feelings roll off your back, because they too shall pass.


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