Hitting Madrid with a Wrath: things left to do

Things might be coming to a close at the Tufts-Skidmore Spain program center, but call it deep denial rooted in self-delusion, or a glass half-full attitude; we’ve still got a solid chunk of time left here. So without further ado, I present to you the definitive list of things I have to make sure I do before I go

Cook with my host mom:

If I leave Spain without learning Pepa’s recipes for arroz negro, Spanish tortilla, and gazpacho, followed by Tomás’ complimentary sangría recipe, I will have done a serious disservice to myself and anyone who is adventurous enough to try my cooking. We have conflicting schedules, and she is visiting her daughter in Italy until the last few days I’m here, but what’s the fun if it isn’t down to the wire? I am committed to carving out a time for me to learn from the master.

Rent bikes in Casa del Campo:

To be honest, I know Casa del Campo is a park and that it isn’t close to me, and that you can rent bikes there. Beyond that, I’m foggy on the details. However, I’ve heard nothing but amazing things and want to make sure I check it out for myself, and maybe have a little picnic-action take place there too.


Pepa and I also have a longstanding date to see the Sorolla Museum. We are trying to get her mejor amiga Monica and her host daughter Isabel, my friend from Tufts, to come with us. I also want to take a solo trip back to the Reina Sofía, which I haven’t seen since the way beginning of the program. Among other important pieces of modern art, it houses Guernica, Picasso’s famous work that was commissioned to detail the atrocities of the Spanish Civil War. If you share a name with a museum, there is probably a deeper connection there worth exploring.

Blow that extracurricular money:

This one is very near and dear to my heart as a cash-strapped college student. Tufts grants every student what I believe is around €200 to be put toward extracurricular activities throughout the semester, whether that be a gym membership or an art class. I haven’t spent any of mine at the moment, because I’ve been waiting for the right moment where I could really enjoy these activities…which means I urgently need to sign up for a flamenco class (a swanky one I suppose, or multiple) and/or a cata de vinos (I take an inordinate amount of pleasure in the idea that Tufts University is funding my alcohol consumption. I know it’s cultural but it makes me happy, in a sick way). Tapas courses? El Rey León tickets?
Clothes could also be a potential route to explore: jury is out, mostly because I think the answer is no, but where would we be with that kind of attitude? Certainly without a new bag on Tufts.

Culinary exploits:

Sophie Leherenbaum, student blogger

This list in long, but I’ll just include the most urgent. Pez Tortilla is a small bar that is supposed to have some of the best Spanish tortilla in the city, and as a budding connoisseur, I think I can’t go home without eating here. There are also a number of ~fire~ brunch places I have read about, namely a café called Federal which is supposedly overrun with tourists, but I’m willing to brave hordes of English-speaking Instagrammers for a good eggs benedict.

Pues, ¡vamos! I’ve got a long list to get through before I go, but the rest can rollover to my next visit 😉


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