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Last week we explored what it means to live compassionately. We discussed compassion as extending your hearts beyond our concerns to others. We then examined how the way we normally conceptualize our identities impacts how we see and interact with the world. Students practiced

In his 2005 graduation speech,“This is Water, David Foster Wallace refers to this conceptualization of our identities as our natural default setting. He talked of about how we can step beyond that through awareness and the freedom of choice. To choose how we see and think about the world Thus extending kindness to the people and situations around us.

Next week, we’ll talk more about kindness to self and others as well as restrictions. And also discuss the upcoming Matadero/Afroconciencia field trip.

In last week´s session we took a closer look at Spanish racism. How our experiences of racism give us insight into the true nature of our societies. We discussed the idea of relative privilege and then explored the ways in which Spanish communities of color experience and deal with racism.

Next week we will talk about strategies for dealing with racism as a part of self-kindness/care And also discuss the upcoming Matadero/Afroconciencia field trip.

Here are the videos we saw in class. These are ways that Spanish communities of color are addressing the racism and discrimination they face.

El País: Soy español y soy negro
Carbón para TVE

5 mentiras sobre los manteros

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