IFG Update: September 28th

Quote of the week
So, never be afraid. Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion, against injustice and lying and greed. If you, not just you in this room tonight, but in all the thousands of other rooms like this one about the world today and tomorrow and next week, will do this, not as a class or classes, but as individuals, men and women, you will change the earth. – William Faulkner, Address to the Graduating Class of University High School, Oxford, Mississippi, 1951

This week we’re looking at stepping out beyond our self centeredness and into the wider, wild world hopefully bringing some of that kindness and compassion we’re cultivating with us.

The water we find ourselves in is contaminated, based on a false premise of white supremacy and sexism and if we’re just moving in our me, me, me autopilot then we’re unconsciously perpetuating those values.

All Student IFG
In the All Student IFG we’re taking a closer look at this by examining the 3Rs. The 3Rs, rituals, relationships and restrictions from Taiye Selasie´s TED talk “Don´t Ask Me Where I´m From, Ask Me Where I´m Local. We honed in on the third R, restrictions and discussed our own and other peoples. Restrictions are the fact of privileging of some people over others. We also talked about privilege as relative or situational but still supporting the ideology of white supremacy and sexism. Hopefully that discussion has made you curious about how that plays out here in Spain and also thinking about how it works back home. Perhaps it can challenge you to speak out about injustice, find ways to resist its normalization and start looking for ways to make the world safe and accessible for all.

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Consider this…
What is Privilege?

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While continuing to practice this…

Self Compassion

The Difficult Art of Self-Compassion
“…even the most compassionate among us have one sizable blind spot: the self. Our culture’s epidemic of self-criticism has left us woefully unskilled at self-compassion — that essential anchor of sanity, which both grounds and elevates our spirit.

In this short, immensely helpful exercise, The School of Life offers a daily self-compassion practice so simple that cynics might mistake it for simplistic — and yet out of its simplicity arises a profound reorientation to our own selves.”

In the SOC IFG we talked more specifically about how to resist and fight those restrictions. We focused on the ways in which Spanish communities of color are resisting the daily dehumanization which is part and parcel of the white supremacist and sexist society we live in. We looked at how Spanish people of color are forcing Spanish society to confront the way racism is woven into their language, question “cultural” practices such as blackface as well as increasing visibility by sharing their stories and insisting on prioritizing their experiences.

This Sunday you have an opportunity to explore all this in action at IFG´s first field trip! We will be touring the Matadero cultural space in Legazpi and also checking out the Afroconciencia conference. At Afroconciencia you can see first hand how one marginalized community is using art, creativity and academics to make a place for themselves within Spanish society and expand Spanish society´s sense of itself. For more info click here.

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A Chinese woman drawing visibility to the experiences of women of Asian descent in Spain.

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