Hasta Luego: “Until Next Time”

Warning: this post’s gonna be a sentimental one.

As I approach my last 7 days in Spain, I have so many different, conflicting emotions swirling around inside of me. Up until about a week ago, I had no interest in leaving. If it would have been up to me, my family and friends and softball would have moved to Spain and we would have lived happily every after. (That’s a serious offer, y’all. Let’s just move TUSB to Spain?) But in the past week, I’ve started to miss home. (The holidays will do that to you.) I miss going to Episcopal and practicing softball whenever I want. I miss working out with my sister. I miss eating samples at Central Market. This goes without saying, but, I miss Tex Mex. There’s this tension of, “wow, I’ve had an unforgettable semester in Spain. I don’t want to leave all this behind.” And on the other hand, “I’m beyond excited to see everyone I love and to just be home.” The nearing end of our study abroad has also brought about a lot of reflection. Reflection about what I love about Spain, what I miss from home, things I regret doing or not doing, and favorite memories. When I think about the past 3 and a half months, I realize it’s been a semester of crossing things off the bucket list, a semester filled with so much joy, adventure, and gratefulness. I’d like to share with you all some of the moments I felt the most at peace and alive in:

When I think about my most incredible experience, I think about San Sebastián. (Ya, I know, shocker. I’m talking about San Sebastian again…) Particularly, I think about when we walked along the outside of the beach and just stared out at the bay as a beautiful orchestra played Ave Maria in the background. I felt like I was out of my body in that moment. This memory can only be characterized by two words: peace and amazement.

Another extremely fond memory in which I felt so content and alive was the adventure of roaming the streets all night in Tenerife. I felt like life had thrown us this curve ball, but we were happy about it because we knew how to sit back and take that pitch to right field. (Can you tell I’m missing softball yet?) Sometimes the biggest misadventures become the best memories.

The cata (wine and food tasting) we had at Javi’s restaurant, the one I intern at, was yet another incredible night. I was surrounded by all these amazing people- including my wondering friends and the man that inspires me to pursue my dream of opening a restaurant, Javi- and got to eat incredible food and drink great wine. For me, sharing a meal with people is one of the best ways to be in community with others. And that’s exactly what this was: a group of people in communion.

I also think about our program trip to Segovia, and specifically, the walk we all took outside the center of the city through the forested parks and along the river. We strolled along this trail that was surrounded by the greenest trees and the calmest river I’ve ever seen. There were fig trees along our walk, so a few of us stopped to pick them, washed them in fresh water, and ate them on the spot. It was a time where I grew to know others better and where I stood utterly amazed at the beauty around me.

Thanks to everyone that followed along with my blog. I appreciate you all and look forward to seeing you guys oh so very soon!

Lots of love,



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