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Getting Around


  • Public transit (metro, bus, and cercanías) and walking directions.

My Taxi and Cabify

  • Hail a driver to your current location and pre-set your destination.

Becoming a Local

Angloinfo Madrid

  • Practical information and advice in English for life in Madrid.

Bloggin’ Madrid

  • Local perspectives on things to do and the latest trends in the city.


  • Find and meet up with locals that share your interests!

Notes in Spanish Gold

  • Podcasts to practice conversational Spanish.

The Spain Report

  • Independent Spain news in English.



How to Meditate

Meditation … can reduce stress, increase calmness and clarity and promote happiness.

The Magic of Mindfulness: Complain Less, Appreciate More, and Live a Better Life

First…if you can’t be happy with what you have, you’ll never be made happy by what you get. … after just a week of mindfulness practice, you will complain less, react less, and more effectively fill your life with what’s important and valuable to you.

Breathe. Exhale. Repeat: the Benefits of Controlled Breathing

Take a deep breath, expanding your belly. Pause. Exhale slowly to the count of five. Repeat four times. … Controlled breathing…has been shown to reduce stress, increase alertness and boost your immune system.

Meditation for Real Life

  • Simple mindfulness exercises that you can apply to your day-to-day routines.


CalmHeadspace and Smiling Mind

  • Apps to practice mindfulness.

Way of Life

  • Break bad habits, build good ones, or simply incorporate a few more rituals into your day as you work to become a local.


Your Two Minds

A Simple Weekly Mindfulness Practice: Keep a Gratitude Journal

These 20 Questions Will Improve Your Self-Awareness

How to Practice the Art of Being Present

The Benefits of Box Breathing

The Smile Meditation

The Low Information Diet

Things To Do


  • weekly feed of events and entertainment tailored to your interests.


  • Personalized searches for the best restaurants, coffee shops, parks or the latest things to do.


  • Unique weekly agendas to give you something authentic to do in Madrid!

Madrid Cool Blog

  • “…descubrir sitios especiales. Museos, salas de exposiciones, eventos temporales, salir de compras, de cañas y tapas etc.”

Madrid Diferente

  • “Guía con los bares, restaurantes y tiendas más originales de Madrid…”

¡MADRID! Web oficial de Turismo

  • The latest official information on everything happening in the city and surrounding areas.

Melanin Madrid

  • Social group that organizes events for Black men and women in Madrid. It is also a place to ask for advice and share ideas.

Naked Madrid

  • “Naked Madrid is a budding blog written in English by a multinational group of passionate Madrid transplants…Madrid is one of those cities that can best be enjoyed if a local shows you around.”



People often ask me what they can do to be more successful.

I say disconnect. Even if just for a few hours. Unplug. Turn off your phone and wifi. Focus. Write. Practice. Create.

That’s what’s rare and valuable these days.

You get no competitive edge from consuming the same stuff everyone else is consuming. But it’s rare to focus. And it gives such better rewards.”

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