Reading at the Crossroads: Race, Gender, Class & Otherness in Hispanic Literatures

Bethania Guerra de Lemos, PhD.

Course focuses on key and 20th and 21st century Spanish, Latin American transatlantic texts. The term transatlantic is a dialectical interpretation in which these literatures exist in a process of constant cultural reference and exchange. Course focuses on Latin American response to othering and otherness in a polyphony of literary voices: the “losers” in the process of colonization of the past and present, women’s voices that rise against patriarchal oppression, and the discourses of ethnic minorities. Historical framework: processes of independence and modernism, metropolis and margin, nationalisms, hispanismo, globalization, heterogeneity. Among the authors studied: Quiroga, Mistral, Storni, García Lorca, Vallejo, Cortázar, Zambrano, Mendez, Mazzotti, Anzaldúa.

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