¡Feliz Día Internacional de las Mujeres!

During our weekend trip to La Rioja and Bilbao the program spent the night in Logroño. It happened to be March 8th – International Women’s Day and the day of Spain’s Huelga Femenista. While the Women’s March in the United States was unprecedented, and Women’s Day is not given nearly the amount of attention it deserves, in Spain the strike and march are well understood and respected. While we did not get to see the biggest congregation in Madrid, a group of friends from the program and I participated in part of the local march in Logroño. It was pretty amazing and emotional.

The day also inspired some reflection on many of the amazing women I have in my life. My friends from home, college and abroad who constantly inspire and support each other. My strong and funny mom and family members. And of course, my host mom. She is vivacious and hilarious and has a huge heart that she’s opened up to so many, including me. For all the difficulties and challenges that woman and female-identifying people face throughout the world, on 8M it felt like a Feliz Día.


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