Feminisms & Contemporary Art in the Reina Sofía Museum

Cristina Guedán, MA, Mirian Barbosa, MA.

Course analyzes paintings in the renowned Reina Sofía Museum dedicated to the historical avant-garde, and investigates the role and visibility of women in the History of Art. Course cultivates a new gaze, to encourage a critical consideration of images of male domination and, in short, to recognize the work of women in overcoming these roles and models.
Works of art to be studied cover the last years of the 19th century up to the end of the Spanish Civil War, analyzing how women present themselves as producers, receivers and subject-objects of artistic production. Course analysis will include the works of Hermenegildo Anglada Camarasa, Isidre Nonell, Pablo Picasso, Julio Romero de Torres, Hans Bellme and creators such as Maruja Mallo, Germaine Dulac, Dora Maar, Sonia Delaunay and
Ángeles Santos.


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