Spanish Cultural Studies: Memory and Absence in Modern and Contemporary Spain – María Rosón

Prof. María Rosón Villena, PhD.

This course deals with the construction of memory in Spain, from the early 20th Century to present time, in order to understand the importance of Historical Memory in contemporary Spanish culture. We will delve into different cultural materials, ranging from poetry to documentary films, from music to television, and we will try to grasp how culture shapes/is shaped by the society around it. We will follow a chronological frame in order to acquire a deeper sense of the History of Modern and Contemporary Spain: the 20s will lead us to the 2nd Republic, then to the Spanish Civil War and the Dictatorship that followed. We will end the course reflecting about the period knowns as “La Transición” and the current fights around Historical memory.

In this course, the methodology will be as important as the content of the course itself: getting to know some key materials of Spanish culture will be tantamount to understanding how we approach them: how, why and, especially, from what position we undertake cultural analysis.

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