Entrevistamos a Izaak Cohen

Ganador del premio de la Freirich Competition 2019

What is your Freirich Competition award-winning project? 

My project is Z’s, a refined smoking accessories brand geared towards the cannabis industry.  My goal is to change the perception of cannabis through the way it is consumed.  

What does receiving this prize mean to you? It means that hard work pays off!   

I have grown so much as a person and entrepreneur throughout my journey.  It has been a pleasure to discover my passion of art and design through the application of business.  Spending so much time on one project and seeing the vision shift and progress is inspiring. I am blessed to have received the prize and am beyond excited to return home to the opportunity to actualize my goals.  

We’re sure that your semester in Spain with the Skidmore program in Madrid is helping you grow both as an artist and a human being. What new skills have you acquired during your stay in Madrid and how do you think these skills will influence your future professionally? 

Being physically away from Z’s has allowed me to look holistically at my project and try to find places where I can find inspiration in the beautiful, art filled city of Madrid.   I feel as though being on my own and away from Skidmore has allowed me to focus more on my own artistic style.  This is a realization that I will hold for the rest of my life and continue to develop.  

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