Graphic Arts: Discovering the Colors of Madrid

Estefanía Ocampos, MFA.

Course designed for students with no previous experience in fine arts who would like to begin their creative expression in the world of Graphic-Plastic Arts! Course explores multiple aspects of art and creative expression, while discovering the most creative corners of Madrid, allowing students to understand and appreciate the richness of cultural heritage as a dynamic component of sociability in this city. Course covers drawing, graphic design, illustration, engraving, mixed media and contemporary sculpture. Students visit museums, art galleries and a local artist’s studio, to gain hands-on experience and learn about the creative process. You will learn visual composition, light and shadow, textures, and use different materials and artistic techniques to create meaningful works. We will do a light dive into digital art and new technologies applied to art. We conclude with a final exhibition where students show their practical work and reflect on their artistic development.

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