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When I was a young girl, I went with my best friend to skating lessons every Saturday. It was the most unorganized skating lessons you can imagine with kids of all levels roaming around. So naturally, my friend and I did what any two novice skaters would do: cling to the wall. Step by step we would make our way around the rink, and as time passed, we didn’t need the wall anymore. Of course there were slips and falls, but now I know how to keep my balance and glide with ease.

This is all to say that last Friday I went ice skating in Palacio de Hielo. It was an event for students and mentors so I saw friends from the program, my mentor (Maria), and other mentors that came for the event. We all seemed to have different skating levels but we were graceful enough not to fall (or at least not a lot). However, the younger kids at the rink were definitely showing off their skills and tricks, putting us all to shame.

I had a couple highlights during my time skating. The first was when they brought out the zamboni. I had seen a zamboni before but I enjoyed watching how excited my mentor and other mentors became when they saw it make the ice crystally again. It’s fun to skate on new ice but I also like how the ice looks with all the designs from past skaters. And sure enough, once we were allowed back on the ice again it quickly became imprinted with the marks of different swerves and turns.

The second highlight was when they turned the dance lights on and the rink was filled with different colors circling around. I really enjoy ice skating, listening to music, and dancing so this was the perfect combination of everything. If you like one or all of these things, I recommend going.  

Okay, so which is better: ice skating or roller skating? Having gone to both events here with fellow students and mentors, I will have to say that ice skating is better. Ice skating just feels more graceful and it’s nice to have the cold air on my face when I go around the rink. I have had many fun times roller skating and even had a roller skating party in the 6th grade, but I still hold onto my opinion that ice skating is the way to go! If you think the opposite, I am more than happy to hear any counter arguments.

With warmer weather on the way, I hope to spend more of my time outdoors, but it was nice to have the compromise of ice skating in a place where it is not also freezing outside. Also, if you´re interested in going, the mall where the rink is has a fun movie theater (where I saw the movie Onward), a lot of restaurants, and stores. Be spontaneous! Go skating or to a movie! A little bit of fun never hurt anyone.

Un abrazo, Naomi

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