Is Spain Different? A Decolonial Approach to Understanding Spanish Society & Politics

Sara Ferreiro Lago, PhD. 

Course offers interdisciplinary, antiracist, decolonial and feminist perspectives on the evolution of Spanish society and politics from the period of democratic transition (1975) to the present. Course begins by addressing the transition period (1975-1982), exploring the  fall of the Franco dictatorship, the establishment of a parliamentary monarchy. and the main actors and political movements of the time. Course provides sharp focus on contemporary social and political contexts–the welfare state, social inequalities, immigration, activism, political parties and the challenges of independence. We will examine the recent crises that have affected Spain and have shaped its political and social reality, analyzing the factors that have contributed to the fragmentation of the political spectrum and the rise of new left parties as well as populist and extreme right-wing political forces in Spain.

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