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It’s been just about 5 weeks since my quarantine has started.  Some days are better than others, and sometimes it’s hard to be positive in a situation that is out of everyone’s control, to get used to our new normal.  And, while it’s been good to have online classes since it gives me something to do, it’s also been a struggle.  The longer I’ve had online classes, the more I’ve noticed that my sleep schedule has changed, my eyes hurt as soon as I open a screen, and I’ve become a little unmotivated.  Given all of this, I’ve tried to find and do things outside of doing my online class and homework, which also happens to be online most of the time!  

I’m learning guitar!  I used to play the piano so I decided to learn an instrument that was a little more portable.  I also sing and would love to be able to accompany myself.  When my sisters and I were little, my mom used to play the guitar and sing for us before bedtime.  It’s only been about a week or so but here I am plucking a few strings after a lesson.

Like I said in my previous post, I’ve been cooking a lot.  Almost every day I cook because it’s something that takes my mind off of the current situation.  One day, I made homemade pupusas con salsa y curtido after having it for the first time over the summer and absolutely loving it!  Coincidentally, my friend with whom I had my first ever pupusa had cooked them the week before and I asked her for her recipe.  Although it was time consuming, they came out so delicious!

Lastly, I’ve been spending time with my new baby cousin, Cléa.  She was born while I was in Spain so after quarantining for two weeks, I was able to see her.  She, my aunt, and my uncle are part of our “quarantine bubble.”  Cléa has been a source of happiness during these difficult times and I am so grateful that she is here.

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