El reto de hacer una práctica en Madrid. 2019-20_Capítulo II: Public Health

Enlazando con el post anterior de Healthcare, nos gustaría mostrar otras experiencias cercanas, relacionadas con la salud. En este capítulo mostramos experiencias en dos organizaciones que tratan enfermedades tan complicadas como el Parkinson o el Alzheimer.

Nos gustaría agradecer la colaboración de estas organizaciones con Tufts-Skidmore Spain y acoger en prácticas a nuestros estudiantes para que puedan ver la admirable tarea que las y los profesionales de este campo llevan a cabo diariamente. En este tiempo los y las estudiantes han podido hacer trabajos de investigación, observar y participar en talleres, acompañar a usuarios y ofrecer a cambio su cariño y responsabilidad en las tareas que se les han ido encomendando.

Asociación del Parkinson

“I have learned how to synthesize information for an ongoing project. I have observed how a therapist communicates with their members. I have been blessed to learn about the structures of health care that take place in Europe.”  Daniela German, Skidmore. Spring 2020

Fundación Alzheimer España

“I’ve really loved my time at the foundation, the classes are fun and I’m practicing Spanish there more than anywhere else. It’s also been very informative, great experience, and recently we’ve added in a small research project to bring some treatments from the US to the foundation here in Spain which is an extremely useful experience for my future in the medical field and I definitely feel that this internship has been phenomenal for someone who is pre-med and focused on neuromedicine/neurobiology. Overall I’ve really liked my time there and feel I’m getting invaluable experience!.” Rich Rosato, Tufts. Fall 2019

“The internships offered by Tufts-in-Madrid were actually one of the major incentives for me to apply for the program. I interned at the Alzheimer Foundation of Spain. I decided to enroll in this internship because it provided a unique opportunity to apply concepts that I learned in the classroom to real people. My responsibilities involved supporting therapists during patient therapies, and conducting independent research to think of novel therapies. Overall, it was a great experience that will play a role in the direction of my career, and I am very thankful for having had the opportunity to work there.” Santiago Noriega, Tufts. Spring 2020

“In the future, I will always recommend doing an internship to anyone applying to the Tufts-Skidmore abroad program. Working with the Alzheimer Foundation did not only allow me to have a better understanding of a common chronic disease, but also develop a greater passion for my Community Health degree. I was lucky enough to work with strong spirited women who taught me how to genuinely care for patients in a professional setting. Moreover, having an internship allowed me to integrate further into Spanish culture. I was able to socialize with patients who lived through some of Spain’s most crucial moments in its history and having them share their experiences with me was enlightening.” Melissa Quiros, Tufts. Spring 2020

Con estos estudiantes y estas organizaciones podemos estar seguros de que estaremos bien cuidados en el futuro.

Seguiremos en próximos post hablando de las reflexiones en otros campos de trabajo.

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