Madrid Virtual Tours_primavera 2021

Después de conocer la sede y sus alrededores en la sesión anterior, Tufts in Madrid Campus,  para la segunda visita virtual de primavera queremos ir al impresionante centro de Madrid.

En esta visita en directo podréis conocer y preguntar, durante la conexión que haremos desde la Puerta del Sol y el Palacio Real de Madrid. Aquí tenéis toda la información:


Would you like to get to know MADRID, Spain? We´ll show you different places of this wonderful city through biweekly LIVE CONNECTIONS.

Our next visit will be getting to know DOWNTOWN MADRID. PUERTA DEL SOL, PALACIO REAL, PLAZA MAYOR. Come learn many of the most popular traditions in our city. Explore Madrid and walk with us in the city.

We are open to any suggestions you might have and welcome all questions. We invite you to participate as much as you would like.

Sessions will be in Spanish, so it is a great time to practice your skills!

First day: Monday, Feb 8th

Time: 12:00 – 12:45 EST

Topic 3: Downtown Madrid Virtual Tour

Please, join us via the following link

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