Black Lives Matter in Spain

E. Mayoko Ortega Arjonilla, PhD 
Course analyzes the flourishing of studies on negritude in Spain, with special focus on first person testimonies, and new contestational narratives emerging in recent years. Course explores the different traditions that have crystallized in the resurgence of black activism as well as the multiple and diverse—sometimes dissonant--voices that articulate these debates and activist practices. These practices highlight the different communities of the Afro-Diaspora in Spain: from the problematic concept of “Afro-Spanish”, through the activism of the African migrant community and the anti-racist and decolonial discourse of Afro-Latin American tradition. Placing discourses on "race" in the center, the course will traverse these diverse intersectional identities, positions and expressions of the Afro-Diaspora in Spain, from the afro-feminisms and discourses of the QPOC and their proposals, to Black Lives Matter, which in Spain is intensely organized around activisms that center global issues on black migration and social class.
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