Mural Painting & Urban Art in Madrid

Estefanía Ocampos, MFA.

Course designed for students with previous experience in drawing or painting who wish to immerse themselves in the vibrant and creative world of Mural Painting and Urban Art in Madrid. Course studies the history and evolution of urban art, the different styles and techniques of Mural Painting, and explores its social and cultural impact. We will alternate between practical classes at the Art Workshop of the Complutense university and site visits to famous murals, museums, galleries and art fairs. Through theory, practice and visits to urban spaces, we will acquire the skills to *plan, design and create our own mural painting projects*. We will explore the use of specific tools and materials, as well as advanced techniques to create visual effects and produce social critique. Students will practice Mural Painting techniques on board and will complete an individual project on large format board. ***At the end of the course, we will paint a collective mural project on one of the Complutense’s walls!*** Course concludes with a final exhibition where we will present our mural painting projects and reflect on the impact of art in urban society.

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