Students may choose among Tufts-Skidmore courses taught at our Madrid campus center by prestigious local faculty, and courses offered at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) or the Universidad de Alcalá (UAH).  Students normally take 1-2 classes at either the UAM or the UAH and 1-2 classes with the program. Internships may be taken for credit as well, in addition to classes at private academies.

Program Courses

Tufts-Skidmore courses and faculty provide an academic experience for our students that allows them to study Spain critically and respectfully as a complex, dynamic, heterogeneous society and culture in transition. Program classes offer students the possibility of studying the most pressing sociopolitical issues of the day, issues that are manifest on the streets of Madrid, at the dinner table with their Spanish hosts, on television and the internet, in newspapers, and in the air they breathe here.

All of our program classes in one way or another study the quest for Historical Memory in Spain, the intersectionality of minority identities (gender, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, migratory status, social class), and their expression in art, literature, architecture, politics and social institutions.

The program grounds academic excellence in intellectual diversity, providing students with the information and intellectual tools they need to analyze the complex and diverse realities of modern and contemporary Spain, and to situate themselves within it as critical thinkers.

Automomous University of Madrid

The Universidad Autónoma de Madrid is a one of the most prestigious public research institutions in Europe. Founded in 1968, the UAM has an enrollment of approximately 40,000 students. The UAM is Spain’s most liberal and modern university, and its professors are internationally renowned scholars. The UAM prides itself for being both an excellent teaching and research institution. Throughout its history, the UAM has been one of Spain’s most prominent higher education institutions. In the rankings on education, the UAM has positioned itself as one of the best young universities in the world. The UAM is located in northern Madrid in the Cantoblanco district.

University of Alcalá

 The UAH is a renowned public research institution located in the UNESCO heritage city of Alcalá de Henares, about 40 kilometers to the east of Madrid, and is regarded as one of the best universities in the world for international students. Students may choose courses in Arts and Humanities, the Health Sciences, Technical Sciences, Social and Legal Sciences and Education. Students enjoy the smaller class sizes at the UAH, and the location of the university in the historical city center of beautiful Alcalá de Henares.