Program Courses & Faculty

The program offers courses designed especially for you, at our Madrid campus. Courses are offered in Spanish, and students are encouraged to take program classes that fit their academic interests. You will find a complete listing of program courses below, with a short description. Class size typically runs from 10-16 students; the required Advanced Language Studies course is capped at 12. Our program courses are specifically designed to include diversity within the curriculum, as courses offer critical perspectives on identity and social justice in Spain. All courses offer site visits, capitalizing on the wealth of intellectual, artistic, historical and cultural resources offered in Madrid.

Advanced Spanish Language Studies for Heritage Speakers

Miguel Ángel Lera Rodríguez-Morón, PhD. Español para hablantes de herencia es un curso diseñado para hablantes que utilizan o han utilizado como lengua principal en su casa el español, pero cuya lengua dominante en las relaciones extra familiares y el ámbito académico es el inglés. El curso está dirigido por tanto a aquellos estudiantes que […]