Alcohol and Drug Policy

1. Students who engage in irresponsible drinking and public intoxication, or intoxication in the host family home, even though they are of legal drinking age in Spain, will be considered in violation of program standards.

2. Students are allowed to drink alcohol responsibly as long as their drinking does not endanger their personal safety or the safety of fellow students and does not present a negative image of the program to host families or to the general community.

3. Alcohol misuse is defined as alcohol consumption that is harmful or potentially harmful to the program participant or others. Alcohol abuse is misuse that is consistent and systematic. Alcohol misuse may include but is not limited to any of the following behaviors caused by alcohol consumption:

a. Absence from classes, academic activities or events
b. Illness or incapacitation
c. Loud, abusive, inappropriate or disrespectful behavior in the host family home, at program functions, the program center, or in public
d. Destruction of property
e. Behavior that threatens student’s safety and/or security
f. Disobeying the host countries’ laws and regulations
g. “Pre-gaming” with alcohol at the host family home

4. If at any time a student engages in excessive drinking, whether or not it is accompanied by negative social effects, the program is obligated to

• put the student on probation pending a drug and alcohol evaluation by a licensed expert
• require that the student, at his or her own expense, submit to psychological evaluation by a psychotherapist in order to determine if in the counselor’s opinion the student is fit to continue safely on the program

5. If a counselor determines that the student is prone to alcohol/drug dependence and/or that the student lacks the necessary psychological profile to take reasonably good care of him/herself for the duration of the program, the program director may recommend removal of the student from the program (primarily for the student’s safety). It will then be up to the Dean of Students office on the home campus to determine a course of action.

6. If the misuse of alcohol is accompanied by injury to the student or others, the program director will recommend immediate dismissal from the program without further consultation. The Dean of Students Office on the home campus will them make a final determination.

7. Students will be required to notify their parents by telephone, in the presence of the director, in the event of the misuse of alcohol.

8. Student conduct regulations and guidelines at Tufts University and Skidmore College are applicable on the Madrid campus.