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Goodbyes and Hellos

It is getting close to the end and it is time to start saying goodbye and hello to this adventure and to future travels and new experiences. I’m sitting in my room trying to write a final paper, but instead I find myself writing this last blog post. My time here in Spain has been […]


Semana Santa

For Spring Break I walked the last 118km of the Camino de Santiago from just outside of Sarria to Santiago de Compostela. I traveled with my Aunt Linda. After finishing our walk we drove to the coast (Fisterra), and down to Ourense, and back to Madrid. Here are some excerpts from my journal. Day 0: […]


Anything Can Happen

Being sick in Madrid is hard. For the past two weeks I have felt under the weather. Everyday I kept thinking I would get better, but come nightfall my throat and my ears would be killing me. The past two nights I could barely eat dinner because it hurt so much to swallow. It became […]

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Monte Esquinza

On my first day of classes my host mom woke up at the same time as I did, and walked me to the program center (Monte Esquinza). It was a thirty-minute walk past the Reina Sofia Museum, Prado Museum, Biblioteca Nacional, and many plazas. It was a beautiful day and I struggled to take in […]

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The South of Spain

I just got back from a long weekend in Córdoba, Sevilla, and Granada. I went with some friends on a City Life trip to Andalucía. We left early in the morning and drove to Córdoba. After a brief tour of the beautiful city we had free time. We ate a great meal in a restaurant […]


Life and Flexibility in Madrid

I am a pretty flexible person. That is, a pretty physically flexible person. I trained and danced with the San Francisco Ballet for ten years and I love all kinds of sports and physical activities. Before coming to Spain I started doing yoga and meditating at school and at home. Because we get some money […]

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An Unexpected Internship

Before coming to Madrid I did not plan on applying for an internship. In my mind, I wanted to have time to explore Madrid and not be committed to anything more than classes. But, a few days after arriving, we were all told that internships are great opportunities that we shouldn’t pass on. I was […]

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During orientation, those of us taking classes at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) traveled to the university to get a sense of the layout before the first day of classes. Nonetheless, on my first day I completely forgot the route our mentors showed us to get there. Leaving the program center I walked to […]

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“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald Right now I am laying in my bed with my feet up. It is a beautiful evening and the weather is turning from colder and rainy days, to the lighter and brighter days of Spring. Being from […]

Manuela and Alex

My host family

During our first few days in Madrid, we learned about the difference between personal space in Spain and the Unites States. We witnessed our peer mentors kiss and touch in ways that most Americans would consider intimate. To acclimate, throughout orientation we tested our boundaries by approaching each other and having what we would call […]