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So You Miss Chipotle?

I was recently reading through past blog posts and I noticed something. Or rather, I noticed the lack of something: ANY MENTION OF TIERRA BURRITO! If God hadn’t rested on the 7th day, He would have immediately created Tierra on that day. Well I guess he did technically create “la tierra” on the first day […]


My Spanish University Experience

For the past semester, every Tuesday at 8:30am I travel to the neighboring city of Alcalá to attend a database management class. Located inside the newly built polytechnical center, the class is taught in English by a professor in his early 40’s. There are about 20 students in the class. Attending the class has given […]


Spring Break

I really had so many ideas for this blog post. But as this past week was Semana Santa, I’m sure you are all wondering, Where were you? and What did you do? Thank you for asking! I departed early Friday for Halifax, England, the motherland of my mother. I had never met my mother’s side […]


Why is Unemployment in Spain So High?

One often cited economic figure when talking about Spain is the unemployment rate. It is ludicrously high. So why is this? What causes high unemployment in Spain? And why, despite improving economic conditions across Europe. does Spain appear stuck? Let’s begin with the numbers. Spain suffers from nearly the highest unemployment in the developed world, […]


Fallas Burning on the Dancefloor

This past weekend, I along with 4 friends from Skidmore and Tufts traveled to Valencia, Spain for the annual festival of Las Fallas. The name “Las Fallas” refers to the wooden monuments that burn on the final day of the festival. While the main attractions are the large, statues, every day there are parades celebrating […]


Interning with Patrivalor

Patrivalor is a small asset management firm located in Madrid, about 5 minutes walk from the school center at Calle Monte Esquinza. I have been interning there for about a month now as a junior market analyst. I enjoy working there and I hope that by describing my experience, future students will be encouraged to […]

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Restaurant Review: Kiyota

Hold the paella, if you’re looking for your next menú in Madrid, you must try this small, modern Japanese restaurant. Located inconspicuously on the corner of calle Donoso Cortés and calle Hilarión Eslava, Kiyota serves reasonably priced, trendy Japanese food. From the outside, Kiyota does not inspire confidence. Graffiti covers the store’s orange awnings above […]