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With only twelve days left of this semester, a lot of things are coming to an end. For many, the end of the semester abroad means coming out of the relatively stress free abroad-bubble – with amazing experiences in abundance but a tranquil sense of impermanence. It means going back into the real world and […]


On Community

In light of the US election, I have been thinking a lot about community, specifically about the Tufts-Skidmore Spain community and how it has evolved over the last few months. Before I got to Madrid I was incredibly worried about how cliquey the program would be having heard several people lamenting this fact. Though closer […]


Midway between Zimbabwe and Boston

Today in IFG, a few people shared the sentiment that even though they are enjoying their time in Madrid, they could never see themselves living here. Many reflected a difference in priorities or an internal rhythm that doesn’t fall in step with that of general Spanish culture. Even though I’ve known for a while that […]


Hoping that Spain IS different

This semester, I am taking three program classes: the required Language class, En Boca de Mujer and Is Spain Different?. All three classes have been very enjoyable and I have learned so much. Having taken previous feminist literature classes, En Boca de Mujer has been an excellent comparative experience that has allowed me to expand […]

Spanish salmorejo


CHRISTINE MAKUWA- I don’t like eggs. Since I was a little girl, I wouldn’t eat them unless they were baked into a cake or used for breading chicken. This aversion to eggs therefore made me very nervous about adjusting to the Spanish diet. The simple idea of a Tortilla Española (basically eggs and potatoes) was […]


“That star means Champions League” and other things I learned about fútbol

CHRISTINE MAKUWA- I have always been struck by the unifying power that football/soccer has in Europe, Africa and Latin America. Growing up in Zimbabwe surrounded by football fans who supported one team in one league, another team in a different league and five different teams during the World Cup and the Olympics, I’ve always wanted […]

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

“Studying” abroad

CHRISTINE MAKUWA- After spending about a week hearing Autónoma Horror stories ranging from, “I didn’t understand any of what my professor said,” to “There was no one in the classroom” to “I think I signed up to be a class delegate,” I walked into the Facultad of Filosofía y Letras for my Thursday afternoon class […]

Joanna and Rubén

Estás en tu casa

CHRISTINE MAKUWA- Our first essay for En boca de mujer was due today, so I have spent the last few days/hours reflecting on the different spaces that women fight to occupy in society and history. More specifically, I’ve been thinking about Virginia Woolf’s “A Room of One’s Own,” and the necessity for women to have […]


Should I stay or Should I go?

CHRISTINE MAKUWA- When I left America for the summer, I had no idea when I would be going back. I knew that there was a chance that I wouldn’t return for a year, but I wasn’t sure where exactly I would be during that year. So, I packed for a myriad of destinations and seasons: […]