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My UAM Class

The program classes at Tufts Skidmore Spain are great. They have offered a great chance to learn about specific parts of Spain and its culture and get to know my fellow program students better. However, when I came to Spain I wanted to take the opportunity to immerse myself academically, more so than just living […]


Day Trip to Aranjuez

Jardines de Aranjuez Madrid is a great city for many reasons – the culture, the nightlife, the food and much more. But it also benefits from being the direct center of Spain (as the 0km point in Puerta del Sol points out). In addition to the many weekend trips you can take, there are also […]


A Weekend at Home

This past weekend was my first full weekend staying in Madrid for several weeks. And honestly? It was a breath of fresh air. Trust me, I love traveling and am so grateful for the sights I have seen so far. But it was so nice to stay home for a few days. Madrid is always […]


Mentor Activity – Rollerblading!

Every other week or so our mentors will organize an event outside of our bi-weekly dinners, often through CityLife. They are always so much fun and a great way to get to know Madrid through the eyes of a college student. There have been activities like karaoke, wine tasting and cycling. Same spirit of La […]


Three Days in Córdoba

Buenas! Last weekend I spent my time in Cordoba, a city in Southern Spain. Myself and 5 other friends took the AVE (Spain’s high speed rail system) for about 2 hours, arriving in the Andalucian city on Friday afternoon. Over the next 48 hours we discovered the ‘city of three cultures’, which is filled with […]