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SEVILLA TIENE UN COLOOOOOOR from Tufts-Skidmore Spain on Vimeo. This past weekend, the entire program spent three days and two nights in Sevilla, in the south of Spain. We arrived to tranquil skies and checked into our hotel. When we looked out the window it was pouring. I ventured into the center of the city, […]


University Class

If you read the notes from my class at the university in Madrid, you would be confused. I am as well. “Very old, the north” they say, and then lower down, “Two twins. Death is life, they fight (sun is/and moon) to create world from the void. Water is a metaphor.” A bit lower, “A […]

Allison, Henry 1

Spanish Media

I tried to explain to my host family that they weren’t getting the full effect of The Big Bang Theory by watching it dubbed into Spanish. “The man,” I said, garbeling the Spanish a bit, “the tall one, with the little hair. He has a very funny voice. Very high.” The Spanish voice actor apparently […]



“Do you really think it would be that hard to cross the river?” Whit asked. “I mean, with arrows coming down on your head, yeah,” I said. “You’d be slaughtered,” Sobhon agreed. “But you could have guys up here, seeing down onto the walls.” “There’s no way to alert them. You couldn’t be like, oy! […]

Relojes blandos o la persistencia de la memoria (Salvador Dalí, 1931)

Spanish Timing

I haven’t figured out my Spanish timing yet. Last Wednesday I went to my first class at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, about an hour away, only to find out the students were still in exams. On Thursday, I went to my internship, also about an hour away, to find out that that was cancelled […]